GUI 101

Short Activity Report


When it comes to academics, it can be argued that some of the most rigorous programs hail from the College of Computer Studies (CCS). In these programs you can find some of the most challenging courses, and if you ask the students, they will most definitely agree that some of these courses include programming.

Let’s face it—for some of us, programming is hard. Similar to learning a second language, it takes a whole lot of time to get used to. Fortunately, there are many organizations that cater towards this problem by offering workshops that can help struggling students. La Salle Computer Society (LSCS), one of the well-known, CCS-based organizations, offer several workshops throughout the academic year to help these students to pick up their pace and match their programming- inclined peers.

Among the several workshops they will usher for this academic school year is the annual GUI 101. Led by Geosef Uy and James Lin, the event focuses on the basics of GUI, an essential topic in CCPROG3. Dozens of students found themselves sitting in front of Miguel Quiambao, the speaker of the event, with their laptops fully charged and ready to learn and code. Quiambao’s focus of GUI Library for this year’s GUI 101 was JavaFX (as opposed to last year, which was Java Swing). Most students found the workshop to be effective and helped them in learning more about GUI. To sum up, the workshops offered by the organizations of De La Salle University continually prove to be a good learning supplement to many students. In the case of LSCS, the students who attended this year’s GUI 101 found it to be effective in helping them understand the related course better.