LSCS Design Sprint Workshops

Short Activity Report


Workshops is a team-building activity organized by La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) with its activity heads: Lynux Ansay (117, BS CS), LSCS Vice President in Research and Development, and Nicolas Sy (117, BS CS), LSCS Associate Vice President of the same committee. It was held on October 4, 2019 at Gokongwei building in room 207.

The activity is specifically arranged for the organization's R&D officers who are responsible for the technical services of the organization. Furthermore, this activity's objective is to not only talk about the necessary or desired developments and updates for the organization when it comes to technicalities such as the organization's website which the team worked on, but also for them to socialize and get to know with each other or more as fellow officers in order to develop their teamwork and logical skills as part of the committee.

The one leading the said activity was none than other than Lynux Ansay, working with his four fellow Associate Vice President attendees— namely, Nicolas Sy, Lance Teng, Gerald Dalan, and Kysonn Dela Cerna.