Prolog 101

Short Activity Report


Last 25th of October 2019, an event entitled Prolog 101 was held in room 507 of the Yuchengco building. Approximately 60 students, predominantly composed of students from batch 118, attended the event to listen to the speaker and also CSINTSY professor, Ms. Joanna Pauline Rivera, as she imparts her knowledge on the programming language Prolog. As shared by project head John Legaspi, this event was organized by La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) at the request of Ms. Pau, for the benefit of her students. She says that the topics discussed in the event should be useful and helpful for students currently taking the course CSINTSY.

Within the two hours of the event, Ms. Pau shared with the participants the basics and syntax required to operate the language. Among the various topics discussed, the students were guided into creating their first knowledge base and into learning how to represent facts, rules, procedures, and queries. On top of the face-to-face lecture held within campus grounds, Ms. Pau and LSCS uploaded the slides used in the event, for the use and further studying of interested students.