Mobile UI Seminar

An Essential for Mobile Developers


Ever since the emergence of smartphones, many of us have relied on our phones for our daily tasks such as scheduling, buying food, and banking transactions. Mobile applications make all these activities possible, and they are made by mobile developers with design and functionality in mind to allow its users to have the best experience possible.

To help students learn more on how to make better mobile applications, specifically mobile user interfaces, La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) held a Mobile UI Seminar last December 11, 2020. The speaker for the seminar was Mr. David Angelo Reamon, a De La Salle University graduate who is currently working at Navitaire as a mobile developer. In his talk, Mr. Reamon discussed what makes mobile UI different and some of its advantages such as auto scaling and limiting the user’s viewing orientation. He also delved into the five common mistakes in mobile UI development, giving an example for each and sharing tips on how to fix them. After, he showed some real-life examples of mobile applications containing UI mistakes. At the end of the seminar, Mr. Reamon answered questions from the participants, giving additional tips for prototyping mobile applications and introducing the idea of progressive web applications.

The new knowledge gathered by the participants from this seminar will surely help them make better UI decisions in their future mobile application projects and may even inspire some of the participants to pursue mobile development for their career.