DLSU Hackercup 2021 Sponsors


Hackercup is one of the flagship events of De La Salle University’s La Salle Computer Society showcasing the creativity of the participants in ideating solutions towards real-world issues, particularly in the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals. This year was the second online installment of Hackercup which was held last July 9 to 10 at Discord, Zoom, and streamed on DLSU Hackercup Facebook Page. The first day both tackled the workshop and competition proper of the event to formulate their chosen prototype, while the second day is the continuation of the latter to present the participants’ ideas. 

MEC Networks Corporation

MEC Networks: Empowering People Through Technology

It’s been 25 years since MEC Networks made its beginnings providing ICT products in the Philippine Market. MEC started as a humble small-scaled business with only a few products and employees, renting only a small office unit. Today, they are positioned as the premiere ICT distributor in the country.

They are running strong with over:

  • 20 + Global Brands Carried
  • 800 + Active Partners Nationwide
  • 600 + Strong Workforce
  • 100 % Filipino Owned

MEC’s 25th anniversary highlighted an evident growth period for them. As the company moves forward, so do their values and they’re not planning on hitting the brakes.

MEC undertook a foundational review of its processes, to secure continued growth and success for more decades to come. To mark this evolutionary step that would better position them into the future, they developed a new mission and vision statement. While the core purpose of MEC hasn’t changed, refinement in these statements is needed to ensure that what they do, continues to reflect on what we are trying to achieve.

Their Mission: To empower organizations and individuals to achieve great things in life, through the best technology there is.

Their Vision: MEC believes that everyone deserves a better life, that is why MEC is here to provide not just the best technology, but to enable them to reach their greatest goals. Today and tomorrow.

MEC is here not just to provide the best technology there is, but to empower organizations and individuals to achieve the best life through technology with their passion and expertise. This belief captures what they are trying to accomplish as an organization.

MEC’s Tech Expertise:

  • CABLING - Develop a sound IT backbone to ensure you get efficient and fast connections.
  • SWITCHING & ROUTING - Future proof and prepare your network for Cloud, Mobility, and Software Defined Networking.
  • WIRELESS - Empower your workforce to be more productive and mobile with reliable and secure wireless connectivity.
  • CYBER SECURITY - Ensure end-to-end safety and privacy of your data in the face an ever-changing threat landscape.
  • PHYSICAL SECURITY - Protect your valuable assets with intelligent and advanced surveillance and alarm solutions.
  • UNIFIED COMMUNICATIONS - Simplify communications and collaboration with solutions to unify the way you connect.
  • POWER - Resilient and Secured Power System.
  • APPLICATION & STORAGE - Manage your big data and deliver innovative solutions through the cloud.
  • ASSESSMENT & PERFORMANCE - Ensure your network and applications are delivering your business objectives.

MEC’s Services:

  • ICT CONSULTANCY - Customized Solutions for Your Unique Situations.
  • POST-SALES SUPPORT - Solutions Deployment and Maintenance.
  • PRE-SALES SUPPORT - Solutions Well Planned and Implemented.
  • DEMO CENTER - Hands-on Technology Experience.
  • KNOWLEDGE HUB - Enabling Customers through Knowledge.
  • CUSTOMER CARE - Customer Care for the Best Customer Experience

The Brand Promise:

MEC takes pride in everything that they do as an organization. Their new mission and vision are just some of the cornerstones that drive strong values to their employees, that represent the company and their services. These values put customers at the center of everything they do.

Now, more than ever we believe that MEC Networks is in a stronger position to empower people today and tomorrow. They are not here just to provide people with the best technology, but also to enable you to achieve their greatest goals. Your partner in innovation, MEC.

Connect with MEC through:

Website: www.mec.ph

Online contact forms: www.mec.ph/contact

Facebook: www.facebook.com/mecph

On-off Group

At On-Off Group we believe in designing for humans from end to end. Through UX Research & Design Thinking, we give our clients the confidence to create and deliver great experiences. We use Human-Centered Design (HCD) methodologies to help our clients at all stages of an innovative initiative— from research to ideation to strategy and delivery.

We provide our clients with clarity through UX Research projects, teaching creative problem solving through Design Thinking workshops, and facilitating Product Development through Design Sprints. Among our varied clientele, we have specific experience in Banking, Insurance Tech, Government and IT sectors.

On-Off Group is also one of only 3 companies worldwide to be accredited with the British Computing Society (BCS) to deliver their ISO 9241-210 based Foundation Certificate in User Experience.

How do we do it? It all begins with empathy. Using empathy, we put people at the core of our methods, processes, and services so that our clients can learn to do the same. We are committed to solving even the most complex business challenges and creating great experiences for your end-users. Your success is ours as well. The impact that our clients are able to achieve with their stakeholders is a reflection of our work.

FactSet Philippines

FactSet is one of FORTUNE’s “100 Best Companies to Work For” and has ranked as one of Forbes’ “200 Best Small Companies” for 15 consecutive years.

FactSet offers instant access to accurate financial data and analytics to thousands of investment professionals around the world. Our company combines hundreds of databases from industry-leading suppliers and clients' own proprietary data into a single, powerful information system, making FactSet a one-stop source for financial information.

At FactSet, exceptional talent fuels every aspect of our business, from the constantly evolving financial software we develop to the unrivaled client service at our core. As we continue to grow, we rely on new ideas and creative thinking to maintain our position on the cutting-edge of financial services and software. With more than 39 years of growth in the business, a lot has changed at FactSet, from technology to market conditions. What's kept FactSet focused on our clients, profitable for our shareholders, honest with each other, and exciting for employees are FactSet's values.

FactSet has the growth and opportunity of a start-up with the stability of a well-established company. FactSet is one of only a handful of companies to deliver 18 consecutive years of positive earnings growth and 34 years of positive revenue growth.

For more than 40 years, through market changes and technological progress, FactSet’s focus has always been to provide exceptional client service. From more than 60 offices in 24 countries, Factset employees are working together toward the goal of creating value for the clients, and we’re proud that 95% of asset managers who use FactSet continue to use FactSet, year after year. We know that the combination of a wide range of perspectives, experience, and cultures makes us stronger as a company and it helps us deliver better products for our clients. FactSet is an equal opportunity and affirmative action employer and hires the best and brightest from all fields for positions based all over the world.

Jobs are available in fields ranging from research, software and systems engineering, consulting, product development, and communications.

Hackercup 2021 would like to thank all year long and company sponsors for supporting and actualizing the event:

  • Accenture 
  • CLINKIT Solutions
  • DXC technology
  • JPMorgan Chase & Co.
  • MSI
  • SGV 
  • Navitaire
  • Orange & Bronze
  • MEC Networks Corporation
  • On-Off Group
  • FactSet Philippines

The participants were able to achieve their goals in creating their solution and learn insights and tips from professionals in the industry. All of this would not be possible without your support, thank you on behalf of the organizers.