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Clash of the Brains is an intercollegiate programming competition where student-led teams from different universities compete for the title of champion, it will consist of two different contests, programming and quiz bee. Clash of the Brains’ main goal is to ignite innovation in students’ ability to solve real world problems. The event will encourage participants to work as a team, challenge their problem solving skills,and develop or grow their programming abilities. The competition will be in a span of a day and will have its first online iteration due to the ongoing pandemic. Clash of the Brains 2022 is headed by Jhervey Cheng, Nathan Ngo, and Hyenne Lim.

Special thanks to the partners and sponsors of Clash of the Brains 2022.


Motivo Philippines is the pioneer brand of Rextron International Corporation. Our company is growing each year with a mission to be the top consumer electronics company in the Philippines and make Motivo products accessible to every Filipino. At every stage of our business operations, we place our customers at the core of our priorities in order to meet their needs and even exceed their expectations. 

Motivo is built based on our commitment to provide world-class quality, yet affordable products in the field of smart and digital mobile devices accessories. Our vision is to stay on top of the local consumer electronics industry and pave the way for a more sophisticated and innovative society. Some of our core mobile accessories and lifestyle products include power banks, earphones, cable wires, charging adaptors, eye massager, smart watches, car phone accessories, and so on. 

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BreederDAO is the go-to asset production factory for gaming assets of the Metaverse. We are a specialist manufacturer of quality digital assets used in blockchain-based games and virtual worlds. Our mission is to be the primary source of quality assets and become the go-to asset factory in the Play-and-Earn ecosystem – a pillar of the Play-and-Earn economy and equip the next billion players.

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