Photoshop 101

Short Activity Report


With its vision to mold its members academically, La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) held one of its activities for the term last October 6, 2018. From shortcut keys to photo editing, the Photoshop 101 workshop covered the tools and techniques necessary for a person to develop their skills in digital art using Photoshop.

The workshop started with the basics. The participants learned how to create new files, work with different layers, cut images, and alter face features. They were also taught advanced skills such as giving texture to text, making an image look like a sketch, and tracing different shapes from an image.

The speaker, Joseph Nobleza, a former Vice President for Publicity and Creatives at LSCS, shared advice to the participants.

"Always save your work"

You might encounter problems in the future so it is better that you always save in between edits.

"Take advantage of the internet and other media"

There are a lot of websites that give help regarding Photoshop. There are also Youtube tutorials that give very detailed explanations.

"Accumulate more experiences and always practice."

Of course, practice makes perfect. He added that he practiced a lot ever since his second year in high school until he learned how to make fire text and different kinds of posters. He said that through accumulating experiences you can broaden your imagination and your creative side.

"Don’t be afraid to take criticism"

This is how you grow. "Continue doing well what you’re good at," he added. "And improve on other things."

When asked why does he enjoy art, Nobleza answered: "It’s a medium to express myself." He also added that he likes doing what’s not logical and also it is engaging for him to do so. "Basically, art feeds my soul."

The project heads, William Aboy and Raymond Gerardo, also shared their thoughts on the workshop. "We hope that the participants will be able to apply what they learned on their subjects and projects such as WEBAPDE, OBJECTP, and any other programming subjects if needed," said Aboy. "Explore because not all are taught to you so you need dedication," Gerardo added. "If you enjoy it, pursue it."