Tech Talks

DevOps and Cloud Security


On the 6th of March 2024, La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) Corporate Relations Committee hosted Tech Talks, an event which focused on DevOps and Cloud Security. Various speakers were invited to expand the participants' knowledge on the said topics. 

The event started with an opening prayer that was led by Jack Elinzano, EVP for Externals, followed by the opening remarks by Minette Armada, AVP for Corporate Relations of La Salle Computer Society (LSCS). As an ice breaker for the participants, Minette asked the students why they attended the event, in which the majority shouted “for the incentives”. After a few more statements from Minette, the hosts then introduced the first guest speaker from Seven Seven Global Services Inc. (77GSI), a BS Computer Science graduate from UP Diliman Batch 1988 and the current director of 77GSI, Jan Adelle Visitacion.

His home company, Seven Seven Global Services Inc. was introduced through a company video, which highlighted the impressive works of 77GSI. Mr. Visitacion then started his talk about DevOps, with a presentation entitled: IT DevOps: The Pivotal Role of DevOps in Modern IT Organizations. During his presentation, the background of DevOps was introduced and how 77GSI has its own approaches to deeply understand DevOps more. Mr. Visitacion also elaborated the best practices in DevOps, such as continuous code integration and development vs. release, along with the fail points of DevOps and its difference with devsecops. 

After his talk, he was awarded with a certificate of appreciation, which was presented by the project heads. 

Afterwards, the hosts then introduced another speaker that is a representative sent by Accenture, Mr. Carlos Roderick De Leon. They then introduced Accenture through a company video, which was then followed by more information about the company that was introduced by Mr. De Leon himself. Mr. De Leon elaborated on the main focus of Accenture, which was cyber security, as he also mentioned that they handle different security authentications of different clients such as Google and Amazon. During his talk, he also talked about the key differentiator and security expertise of ATCP (Accelerated Coach Training Program) in Accenture. 

The closing remarks were handled again by Minette Armada, AVP for Corporate Relations. After the program proper, the participants of the event were given complimentary food as a token of appreciation. 


LSCS Publications: What are your insights on today's event?

Nio Tujan, participant: I really learned a lot about IT especially working in a field that’s more IT-centered because personally, ako, don’t really get to learn a lot about those business management or more on front-end business setting for programmers kasi I’m from Computer Science rin so it’s nice to get a perspective on how competitive the business scene is and also how companies and businesses have their own strategies in terms on the IT field for their own development.

LSCS Publications: How do you think the event helped the students in an academic matter?

China Ortiz, Project Head: I think it’s not just academic in the first place because the goal of TechTalks is to really show what it’s like in the field and for this, it’s a different perspective that’s why a lot of professors were recommending it because it’s not something they can show in the classroom lang. 

Minette Armada, Project Head: Since the topics that we have chosen or proposed to the companies are related to the current subjects that the students are taking so I think especially for DevOps and Cloud Security / Cyber Security, I think mas naging more yung understanding nila in terms of tech industry perspective rather than the professors’ perspective especially they have the avenue to ask questions related to those things na tech industry perspective.

LSCS Publications: What obstacles did you encounter while organizing the event and how did you overcome it?

Francis Bawa, VP for Corporate Relations: Siguro yung first is hindi pa naka-set up lahat ng need namin from the facilities so we have to go to different offices, BGMO…ITS, especially kanina as you guys saw, a lot of people didn’t have chairs since we were lacking chairs.