Alumni Cafe

Short Activity Report


La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) held the Alumni Cafe last July 13 as part of the College of Computer Studies (CCS) Week 2019. CCS alumni from different companies gathered together to share their experiences with the students and recent graduates. The event also provided an avenue for the participants to learn more about different career opportunities. Representatives from the following companies were present in the event:JP Morgan Chase & Co., Navitaire, and Accenture were present in the event. The event started with the representatives introducing themselves. They shared a brief background of their company and their careers. A group discussion was also held where the companies gave some tips to the participants. Here are some of their advice for graduating students: It’s okay to fail.

Do not be choosy on your first job because it can be your stepping stone.

Express yourself. Our generation has newer ideas. People who succeed in life are those who can work with others and say their ideas.

Be practical. Be part of an organization/company that will give you the opportunity to give you the most that you can.

Start somewhere. If you’ll just look at the options, you’ll never know where you’ll fit. You have to try and explore. You’ll find your way.