Frosh Fair 2019

Short Activity Report


Last October 14 – 17, 2019, various organizations from the College of Computer Studies: La Salle Computer Society, Sprint, Peer Tutors Society, and Microsoft Student Community prepared different games and activities for the frosh to try out during the Frosh Fair 2019 held at Bloemen benches.

Each booth had its fun, exciting games while also allowing each participant to win prizes ranging from candies, chocolates, stickers and many more. La Salle Computer Society’s games included Space Jam wherein participants were asked to shoot the two balls into a cup. They also had a walking photo booth contest in which the frosh will have a chance to win up to 500 hundred pesos worth of Starbucks gift certificates. Moreover, Peer Tutors Society’s game is a memory matching flip game, the participants will need to flip and match all cups with the corresponding picture within 20 seconds to win a random sticker. Also, Microsoft Student Community had a game in which the frosh will have to guess at least 7 logos of Microsoft Applications to get a prize. Lastly, Sprint's booth game changes every day, one of their games is ring toss and their prizes are composed of candies and chocolates.

The frosh was able to take part in fun activities, and at the same time be exposed as to what the different organizations in the College of Computer Studies are and what could be in store for them in the future.