Praise and Worship

Short Activity Report


It’s that time of the term again as we are nearing the finals week, where students are gearing up to finish all the projects and requirements. With that, La Salle Computer Society’s Socio-Civic committee organized Praise and Worship: Connecting to Server to give students a break from their academic work. The event was held last November 28, 2019, at the Center for Lasallian Formation 12th floor of Bro. Andrew Gonzalez Hall.

The event started with an ice breaker for everyone to know and be comfortable with each other. It is then followed by a teaching of songs titled “Our Hearts Will Rise” and “Shout to the Lord” by the volunteers from Christ Youth Action. The highlight of the event was a talk from Ms. Apple Bustamante with the theme being about reconnecting with God. She left the participants with an acronym called START—Silence, Songs, Scriptures, turn back to God, admit your needs to God, receive God’s love, and trust.

To end the event, each participant was given a paper to write their name on it and the participants passed around the paper wherein everyone had a chance to write words of encouragement for one another.