The 2nd General Assembly of AY 2022-2023

A night of catching up and bonding with fellow members


On February 11, 2023, members of La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) gathered under the City of Stars, or the Verdure at Henry Sy Sr. Hall, for the Second General Assembly of AY 2022-2023. With the theme of La Love Land in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, members got to dress up in semi-formal/smart casual attire and experience an afternoon of enchantment with fellow LSCS members. Spearheaded by Zach Gomez and Paolo Flores and hosted by Airam David and Isiah Exconde, the assembly was filled with bonding activities, announcements, and even a raffle where members got the chance to win some amazing prizes.

The General Assembly first kicked off with an ice breaker called Tropa Time. From a total of 150 participants, members of the five different houses in LSCS gathered together to answer questions that would allow each member to get to know each other. This was an especially exciting opportunity for the members who missed the first general assembly back in December 2022. 

The assembly followed with a recap of the accomplishments of the organization in Term 1. Shortly after, the house rules were explained to the members wherein LSCS events are assigned a certain amount of points. The number of attendees per event from each house are recorded and at the end of the year, a special prize is awarded to the house with the most points collected. If you are reading this as a fellow member, LSCS has many events prepared that may peak your interest and could land you closer to that prize! These events and projects were revealed during the assembly by the vice presidents of each committee in LSCS, but stay tuned through LSCS’s Facebook page for more announcements on these events!

The rest of the assembly featured a special intermission performance by Nicole Tabije and more icebreaker activities where houses competed head to head in the games “The Love Boat is Sinking” and “Arrange Yourself.” A Q&A portion was also presented to allow members to inquire about the activities in LSCS. The winners of the raffle were later revealed and their prizes included MSI lanyards, MSI mouse pads, and an MSI mouse.

At the end, the members were shown with a same-day video edit of the assembly to look back on the fun-filled event. Additionally, all members went home with LSCS pins as souvenirs. 

Overall, the Second General Assembly was a successful night as many reactions of positive feedback were received from the members. This assembly really allowed LSCS members and officers to take a break from academics, bond with one another, and look forward to the numerous projects that LSCS has planned for this academic year.