Online MisMatch

Getting To Know One Another One Step At A Time


Online MisMATCH is the first of the series of Junior Officer (JO) events under the Training and Development committee of LSCS. The event kicked it off with the aim of getting the CCS community together last February 15, 2023, from 3:00 PM - 6:00 PM. It consisted of several participants being paired and placed into a breakout room where they could play icebreakers together or ignore the games entirely and chat together leisurely. This happened for 3 rounds so participants were sure to meet a minimum of 3 new people by the end of the event. To ensure no conflicts or problems occurred, there was a facilitator assigned in each room to monitor the participants.

A Picture of Me in One of the Breakout Sessions

Numerous icebreaker activities were played such as “This or That” or “Show and Tell” which aims to help open up the participants to each other. If ever they didn’t feel comfortable or didn’t want to play the games, the participants were allowed to not play the games and just talk freely as the activities were just for the sake of starting a conversation. At the end of the event,  there was an activity that assigned the participants to design a little robot named BeePee with their partners assigned to the breakout. It was an interesting experience because it provided a space to show how creative the participants were. Afterward, the hosts showcase the BeePees being featured and the audience can vote on the best BeePee.  

MisMATCH was an interesting experience that focuses on CCS students interacting with each other one-on-one. Despite feeling awkward initially, the fact that the participating people were CCS students meant they already have shared experiences in terms of classes which were an excellent starting point for their conversations. By the end of the event, it was encouraging to be able to share social media information with one another with the help of the icebreakers and games. This event was a success thanks to the hard-working JOs.