Cloud Computing

A brief talk on working behind the cloud


La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) hosted a talk on Cloud Computing with former ‘22-’23 Executive Vice President for Internals at LSCS, Ricson Vergara, as the guest speaker on March 11, 2023. With credentials of currently being a C360 Global Platform Engineer at P&G and having been a Cloud Engineer Intern at Stratpoint, Ricson provided many insights in the industry of cloud computing. 

The talk started with an icebreaker to get participants to share their ideas and knowledge on what cloud computing is. Many were aware of cloud services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), G Suite, and Microsoft Office 365 but did not understand exactly what cloud engineers do. Thus, Ricson broke down his talk into discussing major cloud providers, cloud computing architecture and components, resources to learn cloud computing, and careers in the field. 

Through this talk, Ricson shared how he studied cloud engineering through his internship and online certifications so that he could stand out as many students from the College of Computer Studies (CCS) would typically go into Software Engineering. He also decided to pursue Cloud Engineering as he didn’t feel like his coding skills would match the expectations of a Software Engineer. So for those who are reading this, this is a reminder that there are careers in tech that don’t necessarily need the best programmers. What matters is that you are a person who continuously learns and stays up to date with relevant tools, skills, and technologies.

At the end of the talk, a Q&A portion was held and the 27 participants who attended had many questions, expressing their eager interest in learning more about the technology and getting a career in that specific field. Questions regarding the latest trends in cloud computing and the speaker’s work life were asked. Additionally, Ricson was able to share helpful advice for those who want to break into cloud computing and overall advice for DLSU students in CCS in terms of academics and finding a job. 

Overall, the event was informative and interactive. The speaker was engaging and participants were able to learn more about cloud computing and the industry in a short amount of time. This event was made possible by project heads Carlo Roleda and Richard Pecson of the Academics Committee.