Code Games

Do you accept the invitation?


A Programmer’s “Child’s Play”

On the 15th of March, a (coding) game of survival took place as held by the Junior Officers of LSCS. Aside from being inspired by the famous Netflix original series “Squid Games”, the event aimed to give the participants a fun environment to test their problem-solving and coding skills. There were 5 games in total. With each game eliminating contestants one by one, 20 participants competed to win with nothing but their coding skills.

Red Light, Green Light

In this game mode, participants have to code a simple program within a given time limit, but they are only allowed to code when the light is green. Participants who do not follow the rule of putting their hands up when the light turns red would be immediately eliminated.

Mystery Code

Similar to the biscuit-cutting game, participants would be randomly given a random shape. They must code the assigned shape to them as fast as they can. Those who do not finish within the target number of survivors are eliminated.

WPM Tug of War

The remaining participants are then put into 4 groups. Each member of the group would then speed-type in their programming language of choice, and the website Monkeytype was utilized in this game. In tournament style, teams would compete with each other to have a higher word per meter(WPM) counter until only one team remains.

Eggplant Game

A far cry from the previous segments- this final game is not a coding game. With an eggplant tied to the remaining participants' waists, they must attempt to push a bottlecap to the finish line by only utilizing the given eggplant. After much cheering and rooting from the crowd, a victor has been decided.

All’s well that ends well

Contrary to the tv-series that the event was based on, it was a very light-hearted and fun event where the camaraderie and problem-solving skills of DLSU CCS students were showcased. The project heads said that it was challenging in handling and preparing the event, but it was a fun, successful, and fulfilling event to execute. And as the first physical JO event of LSCS in 3 years, it is an exciting beginning for what is to come.