Tech Careers 2023

Are you ready for the Tech Industry?


With graduation a few terms away, a new set of students will soon begin their careers in the tech industry. However, only some know how interviews work or what company representatives look for in a job candidate.  There are plenty of ways to prepare oneself for a career in the tech industry, and luckily enough, LSCS’s annual event, Tech Careers, is here to guide students in landing their first tech job.

Last March 13 to 17, LSCS held its annual online event Tech Careers, where members could participate in mock interviews and career counseling with representatives from different companies.

Students who participated were exposed to how interviews are held and what to expect, gained insights from company representatives on what they look for in job applicants, and became aware of which skills are important to develop at the beginning of their careers.

Interested members were free to schedule their interviews and choose which company representatives to have their interviews with and whom to have career counseling with.

Sixteen students participated in the mock interview, and fourteen students participated in career counseling.

The event was an overall success and was made possible thanks to Nicholas Scott Campos, Jack Elinzano, and Mezen Lababidi, who served as the project heads for this year’s Tech Careers.

Having personally participated in the mock interview, the recruiter asked about the programming languages I know, the projects I have worked on in college, and other questions to gauge if I am qualified for the role available in their company. In the career counseling segment of Tech Careers, I learned from the company representative the possible career paths I could take as a Computer Science graduate. I also learned to prioritize developing my technical skills as a programmer to open myself to better job opportunities in the future and improve my communication skills to work and communicate with others who may come from different backgrounds more effectively.