Term 1 Midterm Group Study
October 26, 2022
Posted by: Lauren Garcia
From October 10 to October 14, 2022, La Salle Computer Society (LSCS) held the Midterm Group Study, an event that would prepare fellow College of Computer Studies (CCS) students for the Midterm...
La Salle Computer Society 2022 Sponsors
August 24, 2022
Posted by: La Salle Computer Society
Now in its 36th year of service, La Salle Computer Society continues to uphold its mission for purpose, process, and excellence. LSCS continually develop members to become competent and well-rounded...
DLSU Hackercup 2022 Sponsors
August 18, 2022
Posted by: La Salle Computer Society
La Salle Computer Society held Hackercup 2022 last August 12 to 13 at Zoom and streamed on DLSU Hackercup Facebook Page. The first day held the competition and three workshops where speakers...
MSI x Evangelion e:Project: Behind the Scenes of Getting in that Machine
August 17, 2022
Posted by: Jenny Cheng
After successfully delivering premium gaming experiences to all gamers with peripherals, PC parts, and PCs over the years, MSI now joins forces with EVANGELION e:PROJECT to create something...
MSI's Review Campaign
August 16, 2022
Posted by: La Salle Computer Society
Unleash your inner blogger/vlogger by sharing your own MSI laptop story. MSI, a world leader in hardware and innovative business solutions, is holding a customer review campaign that is open to all...
DLSU Clash of the Brains 2022 Sponsors
August 15, 2022
Posted by: La Salle Computer Society
Clash of the Brains is an intercollegiate programming competition where student-led teams from different universities compete for the title of champion, it will consist of two different contests,...